About RoadX Tires

RoadX is the latest brand that is breaking new ground in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of a full spectrum of tires for cars, trucks and vehicles. These innovative tires are made by RoadX, a subsidiary of the prominent Chinese Sailun Group. Sailun is high-profile and highly reputable group that exports its products to all markets across Asia, Europe and America and most countries around the world.

Now, we are pleased to introduce our products to the Saudi market through our partnership with United Tires, which is a subsidiary of BinShihon Group, a pioneering Saudi company considered one of the largest and most well-known importers and distributors of tires in Saudi Arabia. As the exclusive distributor of this outstanding brand, United Tires will distribute RoadX tires in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

United Tires enjoys a prominent position in distributing tires for cars, trucks and industrial, agricultural and sand transport vehicles in Saudi Arabia. The Company possesses professional experience and an outstanding reputation in the industry. It provides top-class central warehousing and logistical support services to ensure ongoing availability of products and meet the needs of merchants and distributors. United Tires provides its customers with top-class services through its sales and distribution centers and its extensive network of partners and distributors spread across the kingdom.

PCR Type

PCR tyre is the short name of Passenger Car Radial tyre, so we can see that PCR tyres are mainly used for car vehicles, sometimes we also call PCR tyre as car tyre directly becasue PCR tyres mainly are used for car vehicles.

TBR Type

TBR tyre is the short name of Truck and Bus Radial Tyre, so we can see that TBR tyres are mainly used for Truck and Bus vehicles, sometimes we also call TBR tyre as commercial tyre because the TBR tyres are used for commercial vehicles.